Signs of a Slipping Transmission

Could your transmission be slipping? It is one of the most common causes of trouble with the transmissions north york on in your car. There are many signs that suggest a problem with the transmission. You should know these signs and be read to take in your car when the signs of trouble persist. Take a look at some of the signs that suggest there is a problem that you cannot ignore any longer and make that call.

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Signs of Trouble

If the Revolutions per Minute, or RPM, gauge reads 3,500 or above, there is a problem that the vehicle needs professional repair help. This means that the transmission is not catching the gears that it should. This can damage the vehicle quickly and make it impossible to drive.

Another sign of trouble is when the vehicle coasts before it comes to a complete stop. This happens when you apply pressure to the brakes but it does not immediately stop. This common sign of trouble is one that can be dangerous, so do not wait to take the vehicle in for service.

Why Does Slipping Occur?

There are many reasons that slipping occurs. One of the most common is lack of care for the transmission. This is an important component inside of any vehicle. It contains many smaller components that can easily wear out or become damaged. Without regular maintenance, such occurrences are far more likely to occur.

Both automatic and standard shift transmissions can slip and the signs of such a problem are practically the same. No matter the type of vehicle you drive, it is imperative to pay attention to signs of trouble and promptly respond to the trouble. The information above is only a partial list of the signs that trouble is lurking.  Pay attention to your vehicle!